The workshops described above will take place in parallel to the masterclass. They aim to give for each weapon separately a specific point of view.

Gabriel Tardio -longsword
Techniques to approach the opponent. Following a common language and logical system it is possible to pass from one guard to another during the approach and finally be successful, as much for style as for efficiency.

Mishaël Lopes Cardozo – dussack
Flow drill with the dussack following the Meyer diagram and body mechanics.

Stefan Dieke – rapier
Schnappen – the signature move of Meyer’s Rapier

Jérémie Clog / François Siedel – dagger
Establishment of the basics of dagger combat following Meyer system and introduction to sparring.

Thomas Rivière – halberd
Comparaison between halberd and staff techniques and focus to the specificities of the halberd.

Olivier Dupuis – long pike
With appropriate simulators (3,50 m long), putting in perspective long pike techniques in comparison to the rapier and staff.