There will have three main masterclass during the event, 3 hours in a row with a very specialist of Meyer.

Each masterclass will focus not solely to a weapon, but to the interpretation of Meyer system, on footwork, bodymechanic, distance management, and so one.

Holders of the masterclass:

Roger Norling

Roger started out as a member of Gothenburg Historical Fencing School in 2008 and starting a year later, in that club, he led a weekly group and class on Joachim Meyer’s staff based on his research into the topic.

Currently he is involved in a research project studying the whole of Joachim Meÿer’s 1570 treatise and works with both the staff, the longsword, the dussack and the dagger, using the same systematic method he applied to his quarterstaff research for which he is most known.

Marek Tadeusz Helman

Marek started out as a cofounder of ARMA-pl division in Poznań in 2002. He led class on Joachim Meyer’s longsword, dussack rapier, dagger and halberd based on his research into the topic. Currently he is President of polish HEMA federation FEDER. His research are focused on master Paulus Hector Mair and master Joachim Meyer dussack and Rapier.